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US-9273988-B2: Precision hydrostatic level and flatness measuring device, system and method patent, US-9274707-B2: Storage network data allocation patent, US-9276815-B2: N-node virtual link trunking (VLT) systems management plane patent, US-9277908-B2: Retractor patent, US-9278940-B2: Cyclic amines as bromodomain inhibitors patent, US-9280346-B2: Run-time instrumentation reporting patent, US-9280612-B2: Visualizing a relationship of attributes using a relevance determination process to select from candidate attribute values patent, US-9280911-B2: Context-aware training systems, apparatuses, and methods patent, US-9282143-B2: Method for handling data stored by a communication system patent, US-9282760-B2: Use of a fatty acid composition comprising at least one of EPA and DHA or any combinations thereof patent, US-9283294-B2: Device and method for reducing a transfer of microorganisms by manual contact patent, US-9284392-B2: Mixed internal donor structures for 1-olefin polymerization catalysts patent, US-9285178-B2: Method for improving rifle accuracy patent, US-9288114-B2: Apparatus and system for managing a sensor network patent, US-9289059-B2: Shielded heat-dissipating lap cushion patent, US-9290063-B2: Motorcycle tire for uneven terrain patent, US-9290496-B2: Purine derivatives patent, US-9291051-B2: Reservoir pressure testing to determine hydrate composition patent, US-9292696-B1: System and method to anonymize data transmitted to a destination computing device patent, US-9292892-B2: Dual display gaming system and method patent, US-9294046-B2: RF power amplifier with PM feedback linearization patent, US-9294760-B2: Image display device and controlling method thereof patent, US-9297326-B2: Health-adaptive reaction control system patent, US-9298451-B2: Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing application development support program and application development support system that automatically support platform version patent, US-9298999-B2: Methods and systems for capturing biometric data patent, US-9300002-B2: Three-dimensional supercapacitors and batteries with high energy densities patent, US-9300212-B2: DC-DC converters operable in a discontinuous switching mode patent, US-9301746-B2: Suture-based closure with hemostatic tract plug patent, US-9305023-B2: Storing and retrieving large images via DICOM patent, US-9307896-B2: Anoscope for ano-rectal diagnostic and surgery patent, US-9308035-B2: Bone anchoring device patent, US-9308346-B2: Devices and methods for crimping and loading a collapsible device into a delivery system patent, US-9309027-B2: Peelable composite thermoplastic sealants in packaging films patent, US-9309458-B2: Phosphorescent organometallic iridium complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device patent, US-9309664-B2: Masonry unit systems and methods patent, US-9310010-B2: Injection device for reagent patent, US-9311188-B2: Minimizing data recovery window patent, US-9313221-B2: Determination of spoofing of a unique machine identifier patent, US-5432521-A: Satellite receiver system having doppler frequency shift tracking patent, US-9314104-B2: Sleep system mechanism patent, US-9314620-B2: Electrical ablation devices and methods patent, US-9315253-B2: Drain masts patent, US-9321857-B2: Carrier for olefin polymerization catalyst, preparation method and application thereof patent, US-9321945-B2: Systems, methods and compositions for production of tie-layer adhesives patent, US-9323734-B2: System and method for read-ahead enhancements patent, US-9325499-B1: Message encryption and decryption utilizing low-entropy keys patent, US-9326486-B2: Method and apparatus for blocking unwanted canine interactions patent, US-9328648-B2: Protective shield to reduce exhaust soot and condensate deposition patent, US-9329938-B2: Essential metadata replication patent, US-9330695-B1: Disk drive head suspension tail with a noble metal layer disposed on a plurality of structural backing islands patent, US-9331181-B2: Nanodot enhanced hybrid floating gate for non-volatile memory devices patent, US-9332144-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-9333091-B2: In-situ formed intervertebral fusion device and method patent, US-9333092-B2: Intervertebral scaffolding system patent, US-9334699-B2: Drill cuttings conveyance systems patent, US-9335479-B2: Resonator with reduced losses patent, US-9335918-B2: Portable electronic apparatus patent, US-9337123-B2: Thermal structure for integrated circuit package patent, US-9340626-B2: Tire and rubber composition containing a grafted polymer patent, US-9340664-B2: Modified polyethylene compositions for blown film patent, US-9340856-B2: Ni—Fe—Cr alloy and engine valve welded with the same alloy patent, US-9342494-B2: Automated annotation of a resource on a computer network using a network address of the resource patent, US-9343444-B2: Light-emitting dies incorporating wavelength-conversion materials and related methods patent, US-9345901-B2: Systems and methods for inducing electric field pulses in a body organ patent, US-9347376-B2: Liquified fuel backup fuel supply for a gas turbine patent, US-9347719-B1: Replaceable feed ramp patent, US-9348918-B2: Searching content in distributed computing networks patent, US-9351244-B2: Prioritization of energy over system throughput in a wireless communications system patent, US-9352176-B2: Fire suppression system and emergency annunciation system patent, US-9352456-B2: Power tool with force sensing electronic clutch patent, US-9352766-B2: System for gliding on snow with improved mobility patent, US-9354506-B2: Radiation sensing device and holder patent, US-9354567-B2: Fixing device, fixing device control method, and image forming apparatus patent, US-9354720-B1: Low-profile capacitive pointing stick patent, US-9355926-B2: Curable composition patent, US-9356765-B2: Communication method for aggregation of heterogeneous component carriers and communication device and wireless communication station using the same patent, US-9359275-B2: Natural product antibiotics and analogs thereof patent, US-9359587-B2: Yeast strains and methods of use thereof patent, US-9366285-B2: Retaining device for an instrument patent, US-9369528-B2: Multi-function device application catalog with integrated discovery, management, and application designer patent, US-9370023-B2: Method and apparatus for resolving call collisions in a digital conventional direct mode patent, US-9370657-B2: Device for manipulating tidal volume and breathing entrainment patent, US-9374277-B2: Naming system layer patent, US-9375432-B2: Quinazoline inhibitors of activating mutant forms of epidermal growth factor receptor patent, US-9376930-B2: Waste gate valve patent, US-9378387-B2: Multi-level security cluster patent, US-9380061-B2: Service protection patent, US-9380124-B2: Detection of communication states patent, US-9381207-B2: Drug formulations patent, US-9382097-B2: Elevator information display device patent, US-9382318-B2: ST2 antigen binding proteins patent, US-9382665-B2: Method of making a wiper/towel product with cellulosic microfibers patent, US-9384033-B2: Large receive offload for virtual machines patent, US-9385862-B2: Method and apparatus for binding subscriber authentication and device authentication in communication systems patent, US-9387302-B2: Nasal mask system patent, US-9388175-B2: 2-aniline-4-aryl substituted thiazole derivatives patent, US-9390262-B2: Method for protecting computer programs and data from hostile code patent, US-9392335-B2: Fragmented content patent, US-9394518-B2: Method of preparing red blood cell and platelet products patent, US-9395051-B2: Gas cooled LED lamp patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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