Traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating heart cerebrovascular diseases and preparation method thereof



The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating heart cerebrovascular diseases, which comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 15-25 percent of bletilla striata, 15-25 percent of motherwort herb, 10-20 percent of szechuan lovage rhizome, 10-20 percent of raidx astragali, 10-20 percent of raw panax pseudoginseng, 8-12 percent of raw hawthorn, 10-20 percent of salvia przewalskii, 10-20 percent of ginkgo leaf, 8-12 percent of Guiwei, 8-12 percent of radix achyranthis bidentatae, 8-12 percent of radix angelicae and 8-12 percent of callicarpa bodinieri. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation can be prepared into powder, tablets, pills and capsules. A preparation method of the traditional Chinese medicine preparation comprises the following steps: pulverizing, sieving and sterilizing the medicinal components into the powder and preparing the prepared powder into the tablets, the pills and the capsules; or preparing the medicinal components into water-decocted liquid, preparing the water-decocted liquid into oral liquid; drying, pulverizing, sieving and sterilizing the water-decocted liquid into the powder; and preparing medicinalgranules or the capsules by using the prepared powder. The preparation method of honeyed pills comprises the following steps: pulverizing and sieving the medicinal components; refining honey and adding water to dissolve; filtering, and adding the honey to medicinal powder to prepare the honeyed pills. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation has obvious curative effect on treating various symptoms caused by coronary diseases, hypertension and cerebral thrombosis and the heart cerebrovascular diseases of headaches, dizziness, and the like caused by cerebral circulation insufficiency. The invention is prepared from pure traditional Chinese medicines, has convenient use, safety, reliability and no poisonous and side effect and can be taken for a long time.




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