Method and device for reducing and enlarging sub-picture video signals, and television with same



The embodiment of the invention discloses a method and a device for reducing and enlarging sub-picture video signals and a television with the same and relates to the technical field of signal processing. The invention solves the problem existing in the prior art that reducing and enlarging clock fields of sub-picture video signals and main picture video signals are excessive, thereby causing thecomplicated design of reducing and enlarging circuits, occupying larger circuit spatial resources and increasing the design cost. The method for reducing and enlarging sub-picture video signals, whichis provided by the embodiment, comprises the following steps: receiving sub-picture video signals; shifting; registering; obtaining reducing and enlarging parameters and output control signals; reducing and enlarging the sub-picture video signals according to the reducing and enlarging parameters; and outputting the reduced and enlarged sub-picture video signals according to the output control signals.




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