Double-handle brush


  • Inventors: PANG XINGPING
  • Assignees: 庞兴平
  • Publication Date: February 10, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101642360-A


The invention relates to a new double-handle brush belonging to brushing tools for cleanness and sanitation. People can operate the double-handle brush without touching water by hands. Each brush handle can be prepared by materials such as metals, bamboo wood, plastic steel and the like, and square materials, round materials, pipe materials can be used. An anti-counterfeiting code is marked in themiddle of each brush handle; if the anti-counterfeiting code does not exist or is identical to any one of other anti-counterfeiting codes, the double-handle brush is counterfeit; and people who report counterfeit products can obtain high reward, thereby strictly prohibiting counterfeit products from existing. The two ends of each brush handle are respectively drilled with a small hole at the place about 3cm away from each end to be convenient for fixing a brush head and hanging ropes. The brush head can be made of cotton or flax strips having stronger water absorbability, sponge foam plastics, metal cleaning wires and other abrasive materials and can be made into a strip shape; the sponge foam plastics and other materials having stronger water absorbability can also be put in a net barrelhaving stronger toughness to form the brush head; and the whole material can be made into the brush head. The lengths and the sizes of the brush head and the brush handles for cooking benches and theground can be designed according to requirements. The two ends of the brush head are respectively connected and fixed with one end of each of the two brush handles by metal wires or thin ropes made of cotton, hemp or plastics to be connected in series together to form the whole double-handle brush.




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