Peony liqueur and production process thereof



The invention discloses liqueur, relates to peony liqueur and a production process thereof and belongs to prepared liqueur. The method comprises the following steps: fermenting crops, such as sorghum,corn, wheat, rice or peas, and the like with a mixture of peony bark and peony seeds in a weight ratio of 100: (1-4); adding and soaking fresh peonies or star anise, dried tangerine peel, fennel, Chinese wolfberry, and the like in the prepared peony puree wine; and adding food flavor to obtain the peony liqueur, wherein the fresh peonies are added in an amount of 1-3 percent of the peony puree wine by weight; and the star anise, the dried tangerine peel, the fennel and the Chinese wolfberry are added in an amount of 0.5-2 percent of the peony puree wine by weight. The peony liqueur integratesthe functions of nourishment, healthcare and food adornment, has favorable mouthfeel and strong peony fragrance and uses the peonies with extremely high nutritive value and health value as raw materials to not only expand the use value of peony plants, but also achieve the remarkable efficacy for resisting atherosclerosis, protecting myocardial cells and the immune system, activating the blood, regulating the menstruation, obstructing the meridian and nourishing the five viscera, thereby benefiting the body, lengthening the life and suiting for long-term drinking.




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