Rapid freezing and normal-temperature drying processing method of traditional Chinese medicine material of Chinese yam



The invention provides a rapid freezing and normal-temperature drying processing method of a traditional Chinese medicine material of Chinese yam, comprising the following steps: placing fresh Chineseyam in a layering way in a refrigeratory at an ultra-low temperature for ultra-low air-cooled quick freezing to ensure deep cooling of the fresh Chinese yam, placing the freezing fresh Chinese yam ina clean, tidy and ventilating place, unfreezing naturally at a temperature of 20-25 DEG C, trickling the water completely, then drying the Chinese yam at a normal temperature, and the dried good is qualified material of prepared drug in pieces of Chinese yam. As sulfur fumigation is not adopted in the drying process, the method ensures that the sulfur dioxide content accords with the food standard (less than 10mg/kg) and the quality of the prepared drug in pieces accords with the time limit requirement for the decoction.




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