Traditional Chinese medicine for treating cervicitis and preparation method and application thereof



The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating cervicitis and a preparation method and the application thereof. The active ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine are prepared from the following raw materials according to parts by weight: 10-30 parts of aloe, 5-15 parts of bletilla tuber, and 0.5-1.5 parts of borneol. The Modern study gives a result that the traditional Chinese medicine can enhance the protection capability of the body, stimulate tissue hyperplasia of the fleshy teeth, and promote the regeneration of the tissue and promotion of wound healing by the nerve reflection mechanism of the body when used externally, has retarding effect on staphylococci and streptococci, can form a protective film topically, control and prevention infections, and shorten blood coagulation and decrease hemorrhage, therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine is good for the healing of wound surfaces. The combination of the medicines can clear away heat, eliminate toxicity, promote blood flow, eliminate stasis, clear away putrescence and generate tissue. The traditional Chinese medicine has the functions of clearing away heat, eliminating toxicity, promoting blood flow, eliminating stasis, clearing away putrescence and generating tissue, and is suitable for acute and chronic cervicitis, erosion of cervix, and vaginitis.




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