Force balance type electric cylinder featuring fluid circulation



The invention discloses a force balance type electric cylinder featuring fluid circulation, comprising a bearing, a screw, a screw nut and an oil cylinder body. The oil cylinder body comprises a cylinder barrel, a front end cover, a rear end cover and a piston rod which can move back and forth in the cylinder barrel. The front end cover and the rear end cover are respectively arranged in front ofand at the back of the cylinder barrel. The screw nut is in rigid connection with the piston rod. A first oil holding cavity is formed between the screw and the piston rod. A second oil holding cavityis formed between the cylinder barrel of the oil cylinder body and the piston rod. A first hydraulic circuit connector and a second hydraulic circuit connector are arranged on the oil cylinder body and are respectively connected with a first one-way valve and a second one-way valve, with opposite flow directions, by pipelines. An energy accumulator is connected between the first one-way valve andthe second one-way valve by a pipeline. The front end of the cylinder barrel is provided with at least a group of first magnetic inductive switches and the rear end thereof is provided with at leasta group of second magnetic inductive switches. A permanent magnet guiding slide block is arranged at the rear end of the piston rod. A guide rail is arranged at one side of the cylinder barrel. A tensile hydraulic damping buffer mechanism for limit protection and a retractile hydraulic damping buffer mechanism for limit protection are arranged between the oil cylinder body and the piston rod. Thefirst oil holding cavity, the second oil holding cavity, the first one-way valve, the second one-way valve, the energy accumulator and a connecting pipeline are full of hydraulic circulating media with pressure.




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