Computer mainframe with built-in type sound reproducer


  • Inventors: WANG XIN
  • Assignees: 新 王
  • Publication Date: February 17, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101650581-A


The invention relates to a computer mainframe with a built-in type sound reproducer, which has a sound reproduction function, belonging to the field of computer mainframes. The computer mainframe comprises a computer mainframe shell, wherein the computer mainframe shell is provided with the built-in type sound reproducer, and the built-in type sound reproducer is internally provided with a loudspeaker and a sound reproduction circuit board; the loudspeaker is arranged on the shell of the built-in type sound reproducer, and the sound reproduction circuit board is connected with an audio-frequency port of a mainframe circuit board, thus a good music effect can be played without externally connecting a sound box. The computer mainframe with a built-in type sound reproducer can be arranged onthe interface positions of a computer floppy drive and a computer CD driver. The invention can play the better music effect without externally connecting the sound box, can not only save the places, but also be convenient to move; users do not need to additionally purchase the sound box in a shop or a supermarket and also need not place a plurality of audio-frequency connecting lines on a table surface and the ground so as to save the places and power sockets; and in addition, the invention has simple and convenient structure, overcomes the detects of the prior computer mainframe, has high practicality and saves the cost.




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