Method and device for making parts of a composite material, in particular sections of an aircraft fuselage



The invention relates to a method and a device for making hollow parts of a composite material, in particular of the aircraft-fuselage section type, that include a skin and optionally reinforcing members. The method comprises a step of inserting a poly-articulated arm (11) fitted with a fibre-placement head (13) inside a female mould (2) with an elongated shape, said female mould being open at a longitudinal slot (26) for receiving bearing means (12, 14) of said poly-articulated arm, and a step of applying the fibres on the inner moulding surface (21a) of the female moulding using the placement head in order to form said skin of a composite material by displacing the application head using the poly-articulated arm and by a relative translation displacement of said bearing means of the poly-articulated arm along said longitudinal slot.




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