Metallic oxide/carbon fiber composite material and preparation method and applications thereof



The invention provides a metallic oxide/carbon fiber composite material and a preparation method and applications thereof, belonging to the technical field of composite material preparation. The metallic oxide/carbon fiber composite material is a composite material with composite metallic oxide uniformly loaded on the surface of the wall of a carbon fiber pipe, and in the composite material, the mass percentage content of the carbon fiber is 50-75 percent, and the specific surface area of carbon matrix composite material is 230-300m<2>g<-1>. The composite material is characterized by structural designability and adjustable and variable composition of a laminate according to layered bimetal hydroxide, and the ions of Ni<2+>, Cu<2+>, Mg<2+>, Al<3+> and Fe<3+> are introduced in the laminate to synthesize the metallic oxide/carbon fiber composite material with high hybridization of carbon fiber and metallic oxide. Carrier noble metal palladium or platinum on the composite material is madeinto electric catalyst used for a fuel cell, and the specific activity of the noble metal palladium or platinum directly in an alcohol fuel cell can reach<-1>. The preparation method is simple, brings no environment pollution and is suitable for industrial process.




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