N-acetyl-cysteine salt xylitol injection, preparation method and application thereof


The invention belongs to the technical field of drugs, also relates to a method for preparing an injection and an application thereof in the drugs, aiming at providing an N-acetyl-cysteine salt xylitol injection which has obvious effects of biological oxidation resistance, inflammation resistance, antianaphylaxis, immune adjustment and detoxication, and features convenient use, good product quality, safe and reliable taking and the like. The method has the advantages of simple technological process and high product yield. The technical scheme of the invention is as follows: the N- acetyl-cysteine salt xylitol injection is characterized by comprising the following bulk pharmaceutical chemicals in weight percent: 1-4% of N- acetyl-cysteine salt, 3-8% of xylitol, 0.01-0.04% of complexing antioxidant, and the balance water for injection.




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