Method for preparing ternary complex antiager and emulsion and application thereof in neoprene



The invention provides a method for preparing ternary complex antiager and an emulsion and an application thereof in neoprene. The ternary complex antiager is prepared by formulation and mixing of a bisphenol mono-acrylate antiager, a hindered phenolic antiager and a sulfoether antiager according to specified proportioning. The preparation method comprises the following steps: dissolving the ternary complex antiager prepared by the above method with an organic solvent at room temperature; adding an emulsifying agent prepared by the mixture of disproportionated rosin acid soap water solution and sulfoacid anionicsurfactant water solution for fully mixing; and obtaining the ternary complex antiager emulsion after dispersing. In the process of synthesizing the neoprene rubber latex, the ratioof the dry glue of the neoprene in terms of the added ternary complex antiager emulsion is 1:0.03-0.07. The research of an aging test shows that the neoprene product prepared by adding the ternary complex antiager emulsion of the invention is superior to the neoprene product prepared by using the antiager BHT in the aspects of appearance color, Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch time and mechanicalintensity property indexes.




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