Combustion improver for coal


  • Inventors: DONG GUOJUN
  • Assignees: 董国军
  • Publication Date: March 10, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101665736-A


The invention provides a combustion improver for coal, which is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 450-600 parts of industrial salt, 120-180 parts of potassium nitrate, 120-200 parts of sodium nitrate and 50-110 parts of potassium permanganate. During preparation, the industrial salt, the potassium nitrate, the sodium nitrate and the potassium permanganate are sequentially added into water to dissolve to form a mixed solution, the amount of water is 1-2 times of the total weight of the industrial salt, the potassium nitrate, the sodium nitrate and the potassium permanganate, and in use, the mixed solution is sprayed on the coal and mixed evenly. The invention has the advantages that the raw materials are easily obtained, the cost is lower, different dissociationtemperature gradients are formed among the raw materials so that oxygen is supplied in any temperature range and the thermal efficiency is greatly improved, almost no smoke is generated in the combustion process of the coal, the coal cinder is easy to clear, and the combustion improver is very convenient to use and can meet the requirements of different crows.




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