Preparation method of plastic liquid crystal display screen



The invention relates to a preparation method of a plastic liquid crystal display screen, comprising the following steps: cleaning a plastic conducting film; coating photosensitive glue; pre-baking the photosensitive glue; exposure; development; hardening; etching; eliminating the film; coating a directing layer; solidifying the directing layer; rubbing the directing layer; silk-screening frame glue; spraying powder; silk-screening conducting material; attaching and solidifying the film; cutting and splitting the film; filling liquid crystal; sealing the opening; electrically detecting the screen by eyes; and pasting the polarizer. In the invention, the plastic conducting film, the liquid crystal, the polarizer and PI frame glue are main materials for producing plastic LCD, thereby solvingthe problem that a rainbow appears on the ground color of the plastic LCD product. The transmittance of plastic LCD reaches the same level of glass LCD; by using the frame glue material, the adhesionproblem among the plastic conducting films is solved and the reliability of a plastic LCD frame is ensured; and based on technical adjustment and optimized combination of material, the contractilityproblem of the plastic film is solved and the pattern is prevented from being distorted.




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