Control method for water boiling of electric kettle


  • Inventors: YU JUNZHONG
  • Assignees: 余俊忠
  • Publication Date: March 10, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101667043-A


The invention discloses a method for water boiling of an electric kettle, and particularly relates to a control method suitable for water boiling in areas of different altitudes. The method comprisesthe following steps: a control circuit is used for controlling the power supply of a power supply circuit for an electric heating unit which emits heat to a kettle body; a temperature probe of the control circuit is used for detecting the current temperature of water in the kettle body; and in the event that the current temperature measured by the temperature probe does not lower during a certainperiod and maintains constant for a plurality of measuring times, or the current temperature measured by the temperature probe does not change for a plurality of measuring times in succession, the control circuit cuts off the power supply of the power supply circuit for the electric heating unit and withdraws. The method solves the trouble that the temperature of water boiling in different areas needs to be measured one by one and requires setting of the circuit; and simultaneously, the method also prevents the interference of the external world and can eliminate 'false boiling' phenomenon caused by constant temperature during a certain period during heating process, thereby being capable of improving the correctness of boiling control.




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