Pesticide composition containing nitenpyram



The invention discloses a pesticide composition containing nitenpyram, comprising two active ingredients A and B, wherein A is nitenpyram and B is one of nereistoxin analogue ethiofencarb, dimehypo and profurite aminium; and the proportion of A to B based on the weight parts of the active ingredients is 1: 95 to 20: 1. The pesticide composition can be prepared into wettable powder, soluble powder,soluble liquid, water dispersible granules, soluble granules, missible oil and the like, wherein the weight percentages of the active ingredients are 1-99%. The composition has synergism and can efficiently enlarge treatment spectrum, is effective for treating rice planthopper, cnaphalocrocis medinalis guenee, striped rice borer, tryporyza incertulas and rice skipper butterfly, and can be used for preventing and treating various insects on wheat, corn, fruit tree and other economic crops.




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